Nitoseal Sealant

We are renowned supplier of Nitoseal Sealant in Andhra Pradesh.

Nitoseal® 200

Low modulus pitch poly sulphide joint sealant.

Principal Use:
For sealing horizontal movement joints in concrete pavements associated with airfields, motorways, bridge decks, car parks, warehouses and industrial flooring. Particularly suitable for areas subject to fuel and chemical spillage.

Key Properties:

  • Movement accommodation factor: 25%
  • Shore A Hardness at 25°C : 10 + 2
  • Pot life : 90 min. @ 30°C

Features & Benefits:

  • Low modulus and highly resilient
  • Excellent flexibility and movement tolerance
  • Prolonged life due to high age hardening resistance
  • Resistance to penetration of stones and hard debris a good resistance to chemical and hydrocarbon fuels
  • Self leveling
  • Primer provides excellent adhesion even to damp concrete.

No. of litres required = Joint width(mm) x sealant depth(mm) x joint length(mm) 1000

Supplied in 4 kg packs

Shelf Life:
6 months