Conplast Admixture RP264

We are renowned supplier of Conplast Admixture RP264 in Andhra Pradesh.

Conplast Admixture RP264 Description:
Retarding and water reducing admixture. Complies with IS:9103 - 1999 and ASTM C494 Type D.

Principal Use:
To extend the usable life of concrete and minimize the effects of high temperatures on setting. Improves the effectiveness of water in a concrete mix, allowing increased strengths and enhanced durability at optimal cement contents.

Conplast Admixture RP264 Key Properties:

  • Specific gravity : 1.170 - 1.190 at 30°C
  • Air entrainment : Less than 2% additional air entrained at normal dosage rates
  • Chloride content: Less than 0.05% by weight

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy pumping
  • In-suit piling
  • Ready mixed concrete
  • Slip forming
  • Larger pours
  • Cement savings
  • Improved cohesion

Dosage Range:
0.2 - 0.6 litres /100 kg cement

Supplied in 5, 20 and 200 litres containers

Shelf Life:
12 months.