Brushbond TGP Waterproofing Chemicals

We are renowned supplier of Brushbond TGP Waterproofing Chemicals in Andhra Pradesh. we are also under take the work for the same.

Brushbond TGP Waterproofing Chemicals Description:
Crystalline capillary waterproofing system for cementitious substrates.

Principal Use:
Used for water proofing against the positive or negative sides of hydrostatic heads of water, for dampproofing, repairing cracks, plugging holes, sealing wall- floor joints and stopping active leaks in a wide variety of conditions like sewage treatment, tanks, foundations, tunnels, manholes, terrace gardens, balconies, roof, reservoirs, water holding structures etc.

Features & Benefits:

  • Potable
  • Penetrates concrete, seals capillary tracts
  • Contains no chloride
  • Easy to apply
  • Resists chemical attack of sewage and industrial wastes
  • Suitable for external and internal applications

1.0 -1.5 kg/m2 /coat (brush)

Supplied in 15 kg bags

Shelf Life:
12 months.