Concure WB Surface Concrete Chemicals

We are renowned supplier of Concure WB Surface Concrete Chemicals in Andhra Pradesh.

Concure® WB

Concure WB Surface Concrete Chemicals Description:
Wax based curing membrane, giving 75% or greater curing efficiency when tested to BS 7542 and comply-ing with ASTM C309 - 90.

Principal Use:
For all general curing requirements. Available in pigmented grades. Enhances durability of surface concrete.

Concure WB Surface Concrete Chemicals Key Properties:

  • Specific gravity: 0.98 at 25°C
  • Viscosity: 8- 10 cps @ 25°C
  • Alkali content: Typical less than 5.0g Na20 equivalent / litre of admixture

Features & Benefits:

  • Single application
  • No other curing necessary
  • Ensures hard wearing surface
  • Easy and safe spray application coverage 200 to 285 ml / rn2

Supplied in 5, 20 and 200 litres containers

Shelf Life:
6 months.